"Jamie was extremely professional. In my initial consultation we discussed my symptoms in detail and the way in which the massage therapy could be of benefit. Jamie took time to explain the method of the massage and exactly how he would be treating me and and any follow on treatment I might need and benefit from. My shoulders are generally very tight, and uncomfortable and my lower back frequently aches probably due to the fact that I sit at a desk working on a laptop computer 6-8 hours a day. After the massage therapy I received form Jamie my shoulders felt loosened and very relaxed and no aching in my lower back. I was very impressed with the treatment and will return for follow up therapy”

L E - Goring by Sea

"This is my second appointment with Jamie. He is very thorough with his treatment- lots of questions on the state of my left shoulder and neck as well as my last visit with my Physio. Jamie was highly recommended by friends in the gym/studio and has coordinated with my Physio so there is a coordinated effort to support the treatment of my shoulder and neck. He explained and talked me through what he was about to do. After the massage, he also did some tests to check whether the sore and tight points have become less problematic. Very professional and efficient"

G S - Goring by Sea

Jamie has been treating me for shoulder issues, both pre and post surgery. My surgery was only 10 days ago and already the increased range of movement I now have is pretty amazing. As this is my third shoulder op I'm very impatient and self critical of my recovery but even I can see the vast improvement so far, after only 3 sessions. Jamie is knowledgeable in different treatments - Myofascial release seems to be really helping me initially. This is the third "physio" I have had trying to mend me and early results have proved that Jamie has achieved the best results. I look forward to being 100% and don't doubt that this will be achieved whilst in Jamie's care. 

A S - Goring by Sea

"As I do a lot of running I would highly recommend to my club runners"

M D - Worthing

"Very professional. Jamie explained thoroughly what he needed to do after doing a pre-treatment survey. He answered all my questions as best as he can. Sorted the problem areas and because of that I was able to sleep through the night without pain in the shoulder. A first in a very long time. He also gave advices on improving posture and stretch exercises to correct and alleviate any pain"

G S - Goring by Sea

"Feeling great this morning, nearly mended. Thank you Jamie Perryman for a brilliant soft tissue massage"

S F - Worthing

"The massage was great, my legs felt loose (which was a total novelty!) and i slept very well that night. It was exactly what I needed, so that you very much!"

JP - Goring by Sea

"Very relaxing massage and the knot in my neck has not caused me any pain since either to neck or shoulders. Shall definitely be coming back and would highly recommend to friends"

VM - Worthing

Very happy with my massage! Everything was explained clearly at the start so felt very at-ease! :)

MEF - Worthing

"Jamie puts you at ease and has a relaxing set up"

KW - Ferring

"Really listened to my pain and concerns, made a great assessment, and demonstrated exercises to help at home"

F H - Worthing

"Another fantastic massage by the lovely Jamie,I walked out feeling a foot taller and had the best nights that I can remember in a long time"

V M - Rustington

"Jamie was very knowledgeable and the massages and stretches were very satisfying"

A S - Goring by Sea

"An amazing massage. Very professional. Came out feeling very relaxed and tension free. Fantastic job. Cant wait for the next one"

K T - Worthing

"Jamie worked on my middle back and hip area - I could feel a difference immediately after the treatment"

P J - Goring by Sea